49 Years After
a script for a feature film
Writers: Thalia Alexiou, Michael Kokkinaris, Petra Terzi
WGAWEST Registration Number: 1826650


Proof of concept teasers:

Above Limits

The Gifted

Logline: The parallel world of the lost souls who live among us


Tagline: “The Gift” meets “The Sixth Sense”


Synopsis: Sofia is a specially gifted person with the ability to look into “The Parallel World of the Lost Souls” and she will be able to guide little Annie to understand that she also has the same gift, that it was given to them, so that they could offer deliverance to the lost souls that live among us.


Treatment: In 2000, Sofia, an energy therapist, works in her healing office in New York. She sees a new client at her office Mrs Claire Wilson and her 7-year old daughter Annie. Mrs Wilson is very upset, saying that Annie is not sick; she tries to explain to Sofia that her daughter insists that she “sees” a sad boy by the name of Andrew, who wants to find his mother ; Andrew is lost!


One dark night in December, 1878, Andrew McDugal, a 8-year old street smart boy, ran errands in the streets of New York. Andrew is killed by the horse drawn carriage of a drunk coachman, who buries Andrew’s body in a shallow grave in Central Park. His mother searches for him in vain.


Annie feels Andrew’s presence in Central Park.


Sofia recognizes herself in Annie’s predicament; she herself, at the same age as Annie, insisted that she saw people and things that the other people could not see, and received negative responses, even from her mother and sister. However she received welcomed acceptances from her father, her grandfather and grandmother.


From this moment, Sofia begins a deep dive into her memory. Sophia remembers her experience as a little girl when she found the bones of a skeleton from a young Jewish man, the conversation she had with his soul and how her grandfather was saving Jewish families by transporting them from the Greek island of Rhodes to Samos and then to Turkey, to avoid their arrest and execution by the Germans. Sofia had a difficult relationship with her mother and sister. Her father, grandfather and grandmother understood her and accepted that she had this “unique gift” to see the world of undead as normal.


Sofia must solve the puzzle, of why Andrew cannot leave this world. She must also discover why Claire (Annie’s mother) came to her for help. It is revealed that Annie feels the presence of her father’s first wife who died giving birth. Claire’s husband, Joe, refused to accept that Annie could feel this presence and blamed Claire for putting these ideas in their daughter’s Annie mind, making her appear to be a weird believer.


Through these two stories, Annie understands the meaning and the importance of the “gift”, her parents save their marriage and Sofia releases her spiritual legacy to her family and the world.


This story explains to the world that some of us who are serving the human soul must be appreciated and respected and that perhaps, with an open heart, ALL OF US will someday understand human souls and what happens after physical death, so we ALL can live longer with happiness and be supernatural beings instead of just human being

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